123 HP Envy 7858 Printer Setup

HP Envy 7858 printer device is designed to support the users’ who expect higher productivity and it also comes with a creative touch on its design that completes your work faster and smarter on 123.hp.com/envy7858 printer device and also with exciting wireless features.

HP Envy 7858 Unboxing Printer

  • HP printer device comes with a complete secured packaging in order to protect the printing accessories present inside the box.
  • Get your hands on a slitting tool which is sharp enough to clear the plastic tapes present on the device and the relative contents.
  • Make sure you maintain idleness when you unbox the device and set the device up for the first time. Obtain the requirements for the setup and go for the device installation using technical guides available or make use of the printer manual.
  • Carefully take out 123.hp.com/setup 7858 printer device out of the packaging box and place them on a surface which is flat and smooth. Ensure the place you set up the device must be nearer to the electrical sockets to have an easy reach to power connections.
  • And then, move into the interior of the printing console to check for the tapes and plastic material presence as they should be removed to carry out the 123 hp setup and installation.

Connect Power Cord to HP Envy 7858 Printer

  • After placing the device out from the device box, have a glance into the HP Envy 7858 printer contents as they contain the accessories for the 123 hp printer setup and services integrated with the console.
  • Find the power cord from the contents pack and keep them aside to perform the power cord connection between the device and power source to switch ON the printer device.
  • Power cord is to be connected between the port available in the rear part of the device and the electrical socket.
  • The connection of power cable has to be established directly between the electrical unit and the device without any connectors in between the device and socket.
  • Ensure the power source provides an ample power supply for the device normal functions without any fluctuations in the voltage.
  • In order to overcome the power supply issues, it is recommended to use a stabilizer to have a normal power supply and printer functions performed.
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HP Envy 7858 Ink Cartridges Installation

HP Envy 7858 ink cartridges designed for the customers to satisfy their urge in completing printing tasks at an affordable rate without being disappointed in the printing quality. The cartridge objects are easy to obtain and can be installed with ease on your printer device.

  • The Ink cartridges are obtained from the HP Envy 7858 printer device box provided by the HP during the product delivery. They are provided with your printer device with all around protections so clear the tapes and other materials used in packaging.
  • Make them ready for the cartridge installation on your computer after you receive the object. Remove the tapes and protective strips on the cartridge and, go for the installation on the cartridge access section of the device.
  • Cartridge access section and the carriage must be completely checked for the presence of dirt and other impurities which may cause issues during installation and printing functions from 123.hp.com/setup 7858 printer
  • The carriage section is entered by gently lifting the door of it and passing through the section. Insert the cartridges on the respective slots. Ensure the cartridges are touched only on their sides or by holding the plastic part of the cartridges.
  • The insertion of cartridges on the slots must be made with complete clicking in its position. Once a cartridge is being installed, carry out the installation of other cartridges using the above-mentioned guides.
  • Complete the installation of other cartridges of different colors and shut the carriage access door. Allow the devices to have a warm-up functioning after 123.hp.com/envy7858 printer is switched ON to perform printing tasks.

Load Paper into the Input Tray

A printer device cannot print without the papers loaded onto its tray. So perform the paper loading on your HP Envy 7858 printer device with simple tasks involved. The setup is completed with the cartridge installation and the paper loading.

Load Plain Paper
  • Loading of plain papers into the HP Envy 7858 printer device’s input tray should be performed to complete the printer setup. Only then, the printing of documents shall be enjoyed from your device.
  • Put your hands on the paper input tray and pull it your side to place in the papers. Feed the input tray with enough number of blank papers to prevent ordering issues.
  • Keep the plastic tapes out of your way as you set up the paper loading for the first time printer setup.
  • After the loading of paper close the paper input tray with the paper width guides adjusted perfectly for the device setup.
Load envelopes
  • Loading Envelopes follows the same procedure as that of paper loading. The input tray is drawn towards you and extended.
  • Paper catch of the paper tray extender is lifted up after you pull out the tray extender. The paper width guides are slid to their outermost positions and the papers installed on your tray are removed.
  • The middle part of the paper tray is where the envelopes have to be placed. Take out one or more envelopes and place them in the middle with the print side down and their flaps facing up.
  • After the placing of envelopes, push the paper tray until it snaps into the perfect position
Load Cards or Photo Paper
  • Open up the HP Envy 7858 printer’s paper input tray and then pull the tray towards you to extend the tray and have a convenient loading of cards or photo paper.
  • The paper tray extender of the device has to be pulled without any harsh movements and move to the adjustments of the width guides to their outermost location.
  • Paper present on the paper input tray must be removed and then, photo paper is loaded onto the middle of the input tray with the print side facing down and short edge forward.
  • They should be resting against the paper edges after you slide the paper width guides.
Print a Test Document or Photo

Printing of a test document or photo is carried out to confirm the performance of the printer device and the successful installation of driver software installed during printer setup.

  • Printer setup of HP Envy 7858 should be inspected before performing the printing of documents or photos from your computer.
  • Ensure you have installed appropriate and suitable 123 hp driver software during the driver installation. USB setup or 123 hp wireless setup of your wish is operated after the software installation.
  • After the examining, every process during setup with respect to your 123.hp.com/setup 7858 Printers, move on to the printing of a test document or photo from your Windows or MAC computer device.
  • Just in case you need to print photos from your and need to test its condition, get rid of the blank papers from the main input tray and replace it with photo papers in the middle.
  • Open the photo on your computer which has to be printed. You will be able to see the edit options available in the print menu on the display screen. Make the required changes with the accurate layout to have a quality print of photos.
  • Printing of documents is made to test the complete printing functions on your computer. Open up the document you wish to print from your system and click the file menu which will contain the printing options.
  • As the usual method, click on the print button and carry out of the document printing right to confirm the successful working of 123.hp.com/envy7858 printer device.